“Stop!” How to Control Predatory Chase Behaviour – Handout

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  • Francoise Bromley said:

    Hi David,

    Thanks again for a very interesting seminar last Saturday,will definately be trying your methods with Ebony and other dogs I’ll be working with.

  • Alessandro Mao and Fancesca Fungher said:

    Hi David!
    The seminar last Saturday and Sunday has been very very interesting, clear and has given us a lot of good suggestions about working on chase behaviour, especially with our wolfdogs.

    Many thanks! Ciao!

    Alessandro and Francesca

  • Davide said:

    Hi David,
    thanks a lot for the seminar of march the 16th.
    It was very interesting and gave me a lot of ideas to work with the dogs. I will try now with my terrible terrier!!!
    Best regards

  • Allyson Tohme said:

    Thank you for another interesting day, I had read the book but it is always interesting to listen the points made by fellow delegates.

    I am afraid I am also at your next talk at Greyfriars………….

  • Nicci Weston said:

    Wow. Fantastic seminar. Already putting theory into practise. Having to start at the very beginning BUT a wonderful, positive beginning. Able to ‘tighten up’ and remind my other dogs why they do things first time too. A great, positive method. Just what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you xx

  • Nikki Walden said:

    Hi David,

    Loved the Predatory Chase seminar yesterday. Thank you!!

  • Gemma Worwood said:

    Fantastic seminar. Well thought out, well presented, great delivery on the subject and the content superb. The best pet/dog seminar I’ve been to. I enjoyed every minute and I have confidence to start the process with some clients this month, I look forward to seeing the response. Thanks again and congratulations on a brilliant day

  • mary burton said:

    How nice to hear such a refreshing and non confrontal approach to a natural behaviour on Saturday on how to change predatory chase behaviour. Working with what comes naturally to a Lurcher a x between bedlington terrier/whippet is something I have been trying to work out how to achieve and now I KNOW I can work with it to my advantage is going to change my attitude as I hate working against natural instincts so THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Nigel Gunn said:

    Changing Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs – Manchester 21st May 2016

    I thought that David did an excellent job of this seminar! A useful overview of the law and therefore the consequences of predatory chase of livestock was followed by clear description of what predatory chase was and wasn’t and how owners frequently misdiagnose it.

    A very insightful presentation of the genetic motor patterns of chase behaviour in dogs and its variance between breeds and within a breed followed, together with why dogs chase.

    David gave a clear account of the stages of a behaviour modification programme and how to counter the emotional effect of suddenly stopping the dog’s rehearsal of unwanted chase.

    David ended with a very clear explanations of the options available for the tiny minority of dogs where the neural connections for predatory chase in the dog remained as strong as the new neural connections made during the behaviour modification programme.

    Some delegates clearly found this challenging but I thought that he did an excellent job of explaining the what, when and why, including the scientific canine behaviour principles behind it.

    I cant believe that I learnt such a lot in a single day.

    Highly, highly recommended.

  • Theo Stewart said:

    Informative and entertaining. The first full talk of yours I’ve been to and now your stopping!

    Enjoy your motor biking and pub evenings. Well earned.

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