Dog assessment & law

David is skilled in dog assessment for any purpose and specialises in interpreting all aspects of dog behaviour for both civil and criminal litigation, including:

Criminal prosecutions involving alleged dangerous dogs, for both defence and prosecution: Section 1 Dangerous Dogs Act (assessment, identification and behaviour of Pit Bull Terrier types and other prohibited breeds); Section 3 Dangerous Dogs Act (any dog dangerously out of control in a public place); Offences against the person where the dog is allegedly used as a weapon; Sec 2 Dogs Act 1871 (civil complaint to Magistrates of a dog out of control in any public or private place).

Civil proceedings for plaintiffs and defendants where redress is sought for alleged injury or damage caused by a dog, particularly with regard to Section 2 of the Animals Act 1971. Health and safety with regard to the training, kennelling and handling of dogs and those working with or amongst them. Police dog handling, training and behaviour; conformation to the National Police Dog Assessment Model and associated training records; interpretation of police dog behaviour, eg tracking or scenting evidence; evidence of apparent identification by police dog; police dogs as a use of force; handling of police dogs that have caused injury.