Dangerous Dogs Act – Is it working?

13 February 2010 One Comment
Dangerous Dogs Act – Is it working?

At 6.30pm on Monday 15th February, BBC Radio Wales news and current events programme Eye on Wales discussed the rising tide of dog attacks and asked what can be done to reduce the increasing numbers of dangerous dogs and damaged victims.

David was one of the guests invited to discuss the Dangerous Dogs Act. If it is working, as the government claims, then why is the number of reported dog bites still rising?



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  • fiona gordon said:

    I think that better control is needed to prevent certain breeds of dogs getting in the wrong hands. Time and time again the same people are getting dog after dog and ruining it. It is not the dogs fault it is the owner. I know of several people who are not fit to have a cuddly toy dog never mind a pit bull or whatever.
    More control and random checking of certain people who are known for keeping these dogs.They get caught with a dangerous dog they get it taken away they just promptly go and get another.
    Training for these people on dog care is another option.
    The poor poor dogs are made to be tough and up for a fight by the idiot owners. All dogs can be dangerous with rough treatment.

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