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Once upon a time in a galaxy quite nearby…
Scientists have announced that sentient life has been found in a galaxy not too far from our own. We’ve been observing a planet through video-linked satellite relays in space-time until we can establish if it is safe enough to make contact.
It isn’t an inspiring planet, just a small rock circling a slowly dying star, and the inhabitants are fairly uninspiring too.
The top predator species is a fluorescent green upright biped with multiple multi-functional appendages and aerial-like detectors that register perception frequencies we …

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[1 Oct 2013 | 3 Comments]

David currently has four presentations available for booking:

How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs
The Holistic Nature of Canine Behaviour Problems
Scent Training for Dogs
Dogs that Bite and Fight

All presentations are designed to last one full day with coffee, lunch and tea breaks but can be tailored to individual requirements. Informal questions and discussion are encouraged and attendees are supplied with a code with which to download notes from David’s website after the event. If you are interested in other subjects, David is always open to suggestions for new presentations. If you’d …

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The problem of dogs biting people and fighting other dogs is getting worse. Every year the NHS dog bite figures increase, court cases for dangerous dogs are at an all-time high, the government is still failing to tackle the issue of “status dogs”, postal and other delivery workers and assistance dog users are demanding protection, behaviourists’ case-loads are full of biters and fighters. Whatever happened to man’s best friend? No sensible person wants their dog to bite them or anybody else, or to fight with other dogs, so why is …

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[18 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Experience and testimonials]

Since offering a consultancy in expert witness services David has assessed and examined the behaviour of a wide variety of breeds and types of dogs in wide variety of circumstances, and provided expert opinion in a range of civil and criminal cases.

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Interpreting Section 2 (2) of the
Animals Act 1971

”Where damage is caused by an animal which does not belong to a dangerous species, a keeper of the animal is liable for the damage, except as otherwise provided by this Act, if –
 (a) the damage is of a kind which the animal, unless restrained, was likely to cause or which, if caused by the animal, was likely to be severe; and 
 (b) the likelihood of the damage or of its being severe was due to characteristics of the animal which are not …

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Book Review – In Defence of Dogs by John Bradshaw

In Defence of Dogs
John Bradshaw
Published by Allen Lane £20
(This review first appeared as an APBC Blog)
John Bradshaw has written a thought provoking book, but why in “defence” of dogs? He must have agonised over a few titles* In Praise of Dogs? In Explanation of Dogs? For the Love of Dogs? For he does praise, explain and obviously love dogs throughout.
He makes it clear that dogs are in dire need of defending from the very humans they sought to befriend over ten thousand years ago; from the misguided, inconsiderate and ill-informed …

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[5 Oct 2010 | No Comments]
Launch of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council

For the past three years David has been working on behalf of the APBC with other interested parties towards the formation of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC), which is being developed to regulate the education and training of those working in the animal behaviour modification sector.

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Canine Aggression – Frequently Asked Questions

Pet owners can become confused about the reasons their dogs become aggressive and what to do about it. Promoting public understanding is the important first step in reducing the number of dog bites and the number of dogs that are eventually put to sleep because of aggressive behaviour. This is a one stop resource for anyone who seeks that advice.

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Dog Secrets – Out Now

There is no mystical “secret” to training dogs, as professed by some dog trainers. Dog training and owning can be perfected through simple yet effective methods that are well known to science. Illustrated by real life examples of how they have helped others, Dog Secrets explains how understanding these methods can make you a better dog trainer and have a more rewarding relationship with your dog.

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How to control predatory chasing in dogs

My article on stopping dogs from chasing has always been one of my most popular, and the subject matter is one close to my own heart and experience, and I’m delighted to announce that I have published a book on the subject.