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[18 Dec 2017 | No Comments]

There are many new things that appear around the festive season and I know some dogs can get a bit confused about the best ways to behave, so here are my festive tips for fun-loving pooches to get the best out of the season…
Trees: People often bring a tree into the house at this time of year. The reason for this is that it is very cold outside and frosty ground can freeze the balls off your pads, so an indoor pee-stick is just the job. Don’t ignore their kindness …

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[24 Oct 2017 | No Comments]

David began what he laughingly calls his career in police dog handling in 1981. Things were different then. One day he may write a book about it, but this isn’t it.
This is Major’s book
It is definitely not based on real events or real people. Or real dogs. It is fiction. Definitely. But some of this stuff you just couldn’t make up, could you?
Major is a German Shepherd Dog. Like most police dogs he is arrogant and more than a little self-centred, with a strong sense of natural justice and a …