“Stop!” How to control predatory chasing in dogs

Throwing a ball for a game of chase is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for many owners and their dogs. For other owners canine chase behaviour turns into a nightmare when their dog chases cyclists, cars or sheep. When their dogs choose what to chase it can compromise owners financially, cause the target severe injury or even death, and threaten the life of the dog.

A good trainer or behaviour counsellor needs to be able to address inappropriate predatory chase behaviour swiftly and effectively.

This book looks at the reasons for the problem, the more effective solutions and how to alter the behaviour.

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"Stop!" How to control predatory chasing in dogs

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I have to say David, it’s a fabulous book! As well as being chock full of great advice and techniques that can actually be replicated in the real world, it’s also witty. I have been training dogs for a very long time and I had a couple of lightbulb moments when I either learned something totally new or got a deeper understanding of something else.

Highly recommended. When are you writing the next one?


A useful and focused explanation of the origins of such behaviour with a practical approach towards identifying and dealing with predatory chase problems. This book is part guide, part narrative, written in engaging and humorous style. Convincingly argued, and to the point. Suitable for any level of experience as the scientific references are slipped in without tripping up the flow. For those lacking practical experience, the book provides methods for visual identification of the subject’s reactivity and learning progress. Recommended reading for those undertaking rehabilitation work. I feel this book would also help clients in understanding the issue simply, whilst leading them to the positive outcomes that are possible.