Scent training for dogs – Dog’sAngels, Mira, Venice

20 February 2014 No Comments

Two-day seminar and practical on 4th and 5th October 2014 Dog’s Angels A.S.D. Mira: via Botte, 9, Venice

the nose

Professionally, dogs are used to detect many substances, but what better profession can any dog have than to have fun with their owner? That is already the “profession” of every pet dog and most of them work a lot harder at it than we do!

We all know that dogs’ noses are so much better than ours, and David’s presentation shows how we can develop understanding and skills used by professionals to have more fun with our pets, providing mental and physical stimulation for us both.

Whether you train for work, competition, or simply for the huge fun that you and your dog can have together, understanding how our dogs observe the world through their noses helps us to get the best out of their remarkable abilities.

Ever wondered what ‘scent’ actually is? Why some dogs are better at searching than others? What the ideal scenting conditions are? How to train your dog to find lost money or your children?

This two-day seminar explores the theory of training for scent on the first day and putting it into practice for fifteen selected dogs and handlers on the second – tracking and searching for people and property in a great new venue.

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