Guide & Control Your Pet Dog’s Behaviour

“As I meet dogs and their people the same problems keep coming up, and the cause of them is frequently a disconnection in the relationship between dog and owner; owners finding it difficult to relate to their dogs in ways that allow them to control their pets’ behaviour, and dogs’ misunderstanding of people’s intentions. I also meet many rescue dogs, and dogs that have been deemed “dangerous“, that have simply never been given the guidance they need to properly fit into human family life. Both of these issues stem from a lack of education – education of human owners by us dog-people and education of dogs by their owners.”

David spent twenty-six years as a police dog trainer and ten years as one of the UK’s leading dog behaviour counsellors. He now specialises in consulting on the behaviour of dogs thought to be dangerous. He developed his explanation of Guide and Control as the easiest and most effective method for owners to control their pets and guide them into better behaviours, without confrontation or using aversive methods.

If you are thinking of buying a puppy or adopting a rescue dog, or are having problems with your dog’s behaviour; if your dog isn’t as well-mannered as you would like, or if you would simply like a better rapport, David explains how everyone can and should use the simple principles of Guide & Control to build the best possible relationship with a well-mannered dog.

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